Sprint 44

All our products have been updated on Jul 24, 2020 with the releases associated to the Sprint 44.



Display / Edit Vehicle Journey codes

The user can view and edit the codes associated to a Vehicle Journey.


See the Code and Code Space Management for more details about this feature in our https://enroute.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PUBLIC/pages/525205508.

Merge refactoring

The Chouette SaaS merge algorithm provides unique features. Its processing time needs constant improvement. By studying Chouette SaaS performance logs, we identify solutions to improve the merge processing time especially for very large datasets.

This new merge algorithm is available as experimental method to provide the same feature with performance improvements.

Merge Data Set with experimental method

Give feedback about this new merge method to our support team.

Security updates

Chouette dependencies are constantly analyzed to find and resolve possible security issues. These libraries have been updated in this new release :

  • rails/webpacker to 3.2.2