Chouette User Manual

Chouette is a SaaS solution, developed by enRoute,

Chouette SaaS allows you to describe your public transport or shared mobility offer.

It has a simple and intuitive user interface, an automated workflow, and support several data formats for both data collection and data publication: GTFS, NeTEx (several profiles).

With Chouette Saas, you can :

  • Stream high quality mobility data to journey planners, mobile applications, or open data portals (GTFS / and/or NeTEx).

  • Aggregate the data for a large territory with several Mobility Services Operators and create unified schedule datasets.

  • Automate the whole process for mobility data management.

  • Improve the performance of mobility services and add value to your network assets.

  • Meet regulatory deadlines.

You can use the platform Chouette SaaS on the site Chouette SaaS is a web application, so it can be used from any computer connected to the Internet.

Main functionalities are described in the User Manual (see following menu).