Sprint 41

All our products have been updated on May 22, 2020 with the releases associated to the Sprint 41.



Manage Workbench permission restrictions

The authorized user (owner of a workgroup) can select/restrict available permissions for all users associated to a given Workbench.

This Workbench edit interface is reserved to the Workgroup owners and is available via the Workgroup administration interface.

In this first version, only the permission Referential > Flag a Referential as urgent is managed by this interface.

Optimise GTFS import by sharing Route and Journey Pattern

Chouette creates a single Route and a JourneyPattern when several GTFS trips serve the same stops and shared the same Route/Journey Pattern attributes.

The Route and Journey Pattern are created are re-used by GTFS import, using these criteria:

  • trip.route_id

  • trip.direction_id

  • trip.headsign or trip.short_name

  • ordered stop_times.stop_id

Improve GTFS import messages on unknown Stop in a Trip

The Chouette GTFS Import uses now an improved message when GTFS Stop Time doesn’t use a valid / existing stop id.

In this case, the import will contain this error message Pas d’arrêt spécifié / No specified stop for each invalid GTFS Stop Time.

Optimise Vehicle Journeys GTFS export

The Chouette GTFS Export has been improved to manage very large Vehicle Journeys collection (above 100 000). The work is still in progress to improve the processing of very large Vehicle Journey Stops collection (more than a million items) exported into GTFS Stop Times.

Fix GTFS export when preferring Referent Stop Areas

When the user selects the GTFS export option "Prefer Referents Stop Areas", the Chouette export has no more problem to export the Referent Stop Area into a single GTFS Stop. A issue was present when several quays had parents which share the same Referent.

Define Company default language

The user can select a default language to be associated to a Company.

This attribute is used in the GTFS export as the agency language (with a two letter code). It’ll be used in the NeTEx export as Locale/DefaultLanguage.

Display Operation started/ended times

Chouette will display for each kind of operation (import, export, merge, etc) all known information about processing:

  • the operation creation time (by the user, by Chouette or by API),

  • the start and end processing times

  • the processing duration

Security upgrades

Chouette dependencies are constantly analyzed to find and resolve possible security issues. These libraries have been updated in this new release :

  • rails to

  • puma to 4.3.5