Status page of our applications


A report on the availability of our applications is available 24/7 on enRoute SaaS Status. As this report is web-based, it is dynamic and allows you to view the level of detail specific to each user.

The data in this report is historicised and updated in real time.

Status of our services

The dashboard of our products is built to give real time information about the status of all our platforms:

  • globally

  • by product

  • and if needed each service for a product

By accessing this page, the user has immediately a synthetic vision of the state of all our products and services over 90 days. These availabilities are recorded and can be consulted by all our users.

If the user wishes, he can have more information by targeting a product or a service and go further back in time.

Status of third party services

We are also able to inform in real time about important third party services that our users use daily:

  • mail server: Mailgun

  • support service: Jira Service Desk


Detail of an incident

Each incident describes several points:

  • Problem encountered

  • Duration of unavailability

  • Status of the incident

  • Corrective actions and analysis


The objective is to share as much information as possible with our users about the problem encountered and its resolution.

It is possible for our users to be notified by different channels in the case of an incident (creation, updates, resolution). These notifications can therefore be integrated on the preferred way.



The metrics dashboard allows following in real time the response time of our 2 products, Chouette SaaS and Ara SaaS. The user can also look at the historical data to see this data over a week or a month.


Other metrics can be added later allowing our users to better follow the availability of our products and associated services.