Sprint 49

All our products have been updated on Nov 6, 2020 with the releases associated to this Sprint 49.



Select Shape for a Journey Pattern

The User can associate a Journey Pattern to a Shape.

When the user edits a Journey Pattern, he can select

  • a Shape among the Shapes associated with one of the Shape Providers of the Referential Workbench, or none

  • search a Shape by its name

  • view the selected Shape in a map

This association is only possible when the Journey Pattern is into a edited Data Set (like always). Associate a Journey Pattern to a Shape changes its checksum.

Enable email notification in the import API

The user can setup the notification target of imports created via the Chouette Import API (as the user can do in the user interface).

The import option notification_target can take two values:

  • none: (default) to not send a email notification at the end of the import operation

  • workbench: to send email notification to the Workbench users

1 2 3 4 curl 'https://chouette.enroute.mobi/api/v1/workbenches/42/imports.json' \ --form 'workbench_import[name]=With Notifications' \ --form 'workbench_import[file]=@sample_feed_2020_gtfs.zip' \ --form 'workbench_import[options][notification_target]=workbench'

Like when the user selects this option in the user interface, the notification recipients are displayed in the import details:

GraphQL Documentation Update

The Chouette GraphQL Documentation has been improved by adding more examples.

Performance improvements

As result of the constant performance monitoring of our SaaS platforms (performed with the help of Datadog), we've identifying the needed improvements in Chouette algorithms:

  • The Aggregate operation has been improved to manage faster a large number of TimeTable Dates (exceeding one million for some of our users).

  • The DataSet copy has been improved by using a new database method. Chouette can copy a very large DataSet (over half a million Vehicle Journeys) in few minutes.

Technical upgrades

We’re constantly upgrading the technical stack used in Chouette. The Chouette Javascript stack used to provide a rich user interface, like the vehicle journey editor, maps, etc has been upgraded.