Sprint 40

All our products have been updated on May 1, 2020 with the releases associated to the Sprint 40.



Create Stop Areas as confirmed during Neptune import

When the user imports stop areas via a Neptune import, Chouette creates new stop places with a confirmed status (instead of in creation status).

View Stop Area from Route editor

When editing a Route, the user can visit directly the stop area associated to each stop:

In some case, the link proposed by Chouette was invalid.

Disable notifications for publication exports

When the user setups automatic publications, one or more exports are performed by Chouette each time the aggregated data is changed.

The user should not be notified, in the web interface, of these automatic exports (performed most of the time during the night).

Keep longer files associated to an export or an import operation

Chouette keeps files associated to imports and exports during 60 days (instead of 7 days before).

Better support for very large GTFS stop times files

When the user imports a GTFS file with a very large stop time count (provided by stop_times.txt), Chouette uses now an optimized memory algorithm to read, sort trips and stop times information to create Vehicle Journeys.

Support authentication by HTTP basic and by token on Import API

When the user invokes the Import API, he can use an Authentication by token (used on other Chouette API). The basic authentification is supported too.

1 2 POST /api/v1/workbenches/<workbench_id>/imports Authorization: Token token=secret

See the Chouette API documentation for more details.

Performance improvements

We’re monitoring and improving constantly the Chouette operation performances. This release provides improvements especially on merge clean phase and a better monitoring on GTFS import/export.

Know issues

  • Prevent control after import and automatic merge option: during our release test, we’ve identified a problem when the user combines control after import and the automatic merge option. Chouette can launch two Merges (the second Merge will fail). This problem is fixed but no released in production.

If required, contact our support team.


Broadcast API documentation

After Chouette API documentation in https://enroute.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PUBLIC/pages/343212043/Sprint+39#Complete-API-documentation, the Ara Broadcast API are now documented in the same way.

The user can use the Ara API via a documented Postman Collection to perform:

  • SIRI requests with CheckStatus, StopPointsDiscovery, LinesDiscovery, GetStopMonitoring, GetStopMonitoring, GetStopMonitoring or GetGeneralMessage examples

  • SIRI Lite requests with Vehicle Monitoring example

  • GTFS-RT requests with Trip Update and Vehicle Position example

Visit Ara Broadcast API Documentation

Support NotifySubscriptionTerminated SIRI SOAP message

When a Partner sends a NotifySubscriptionTerminated SIRI SOAP message like:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"> <soap:Body> <ns7:NotifySubscriptionTerminated xmlns:ns2="http://www.siri.org.uk/siri" xmlns:ns3="http://www.ifopt.org.uk/acsb" xmlns:ns4="http://www.ifopt.org.uk/ifopt" xmlns:ns5="http://datex2.eu/schema/2_0RC1/2_0" xmlns:ns6="http://wsdl.siri.org.uk/siri" xmlns:ns7="http://wsdl.siri.org.uk"> <Notification> <ns2:ResponseTimestamp>2020-01-30T10:47:13.598Z</ns2:ResponseTimestamp> <ns2:ProducerRef>RELAIS</ns2:ProducerRef> <ns2:Address></ns2:Address> <ns2:ResponseMessageIdentifier>RELAIS:ResponseMessage::b3814ad3-d282-40ba-8895-68226045feb7:LOC</ns2:ResponseMessageIdentifier> <ns2:RequestMessageRef>STIF:Message::811125622:LOC</ns2:RequestMessageRef> <ns2:SubscriptionRef>STIF:Subscription::490579099:LOC</ns2:SubscriptionRef> <ns2:SubscriberRef>STIF</ns2:SubscriberRef> </Notification> </ns7:NotifySubscriptionTerminated> </soap:Body> </soap:Envelope>

to the Ara SIRI SOAP API, Ara destroys the associated subscription.

The following elements are considered by Ara:

  • The Notification/ProducerRef element is used to find the associated Partner.

  • The Notification/SubscriptionRef element is used to find the associated subscription.

Add Incrementality in GTFS FeedHeader

In Ara GTFS-RT response, the Incrementality GTFS-RT attribute must be explicitly defined to FULL_DATASET value.

Chouette Convert

NeTEx European Profile (experimental) support

The user can convert a file into a NeTex file which respects the NeTEx European Profile.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Archive: conversion-cdb3cb9a-b3ed-445c-8c9d-225b7b52f059.zip Length Date Time Name --------- ---------- ----- ---- 1236 2020-04-31 10:09 stops.xml 5429 2020-04-31 10:09 line-AAMV.xml 4374 2020-04-31 10:09 common.xml 4434 2020-04-31 10:09 line-AB.xml 4382 2020-04-31 10:09 line-BFC.xml 8718 2020-04-31 10:09 line-CITY.xml 2723 2020-04-31 10:09 line-STBA.xml --------- ------- 31296 7 files

We’re working to ensure the profile respect and provide a documentation.

Conversion API documentation

The Chouette Convert API has now a public documentation.

The user can use the Chouette Convert API via a documented Postman Collection to perform (for the moment) GTFS conversions to NeTEx files.


Visit the Chouette Convert API


Status page

All our SaaS users can follow our platform up-time via a dedicated status page: http://status.enroute.mobi/

All scheduled maintenances are published on this status page. In case of incidents on our platform, incidents are described as they are resolved.

Users can subscribe by email or SMS to be noticed.

Documentation about HTTPS access

We’re providing a dedicated documentation about the HTTPS access (and SSL certificat) which are required to access to the enRoute SaaS products: https://enroute.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PUBLIC/pages/404455505