Roadmap 2020 Q2

Release Planning

Chouette SaaS

Merge refactoring

The Chouette SaaS merge algorithm provides unique features. Its processing time needs constant improvement. By studying Chouette SaaS performance logs, we identify solutions to improve the merge processing time especially for very large datasets.

enRoute is working on a fresh new technical solution to provide the same feature with performance improvements.

Objective: Sprint 43

Display Operation started/ended times

Chouette SaaS will display for each kind of operation (import, export, merge, etc) all known information about processing :

  • the operation creation time (by the user, by Chouette SaaS or by API),

  • the start and end processing times

  • the processing duration

Objective: Sprint 41

Improve TimeTable Periods management

Chouette SaaS provides a powerful TimeTable model which allows to manage several date periods. Thanks to the help and feedback of Chouette SaaS users, we have investigated further improvements of the Chouette SaaS TimeTable editor to provide access to each period of the TimeTable.

Objective: Sprint 43

Define Company default language

Chouette SaaS will provide a new attribute to define the default language used by a Company. This attribute is present in NeTEx and GTFS formats but isn’t yet managed by Chouette SaaS.

This attribute is exported:

  • in GTFS, as agency_lang

  • in NeTEx, as Locale/DefaultLanguage

Objective: Sprint 41

Send email messages when data is published

The user can define various destinations when new data is published by Chouette SaaS. A new kind of Destination allows to send emails on each publication.

The user can customize the message content:

  • the recipients

  • the email title and text

  • if exported data is attached to each email and/or with a link to a associated publication API

Objective: Sprint 41

Ara SaaS

GTFS-RT Support

Ara SaaS must be able to broadcast real-time data by using the GTFS-RT format.

If the user adds a dedicated GTFS-RT broadcaster to a Partner, like gtfs-rt-trip-updates-broadcaster, gtfs-rt-vehicle-positions-broadcaster, etc, Ara SaaS provides associated endpoints to retrieve real-time data in GTFS-RT with a simple HTTP request:

GET /<referential_slug>/gtfs GET /<referential_slug>/gtfs/trip-updates GET /<referential_slug>/gtfs/vehicle-positions

The user can require (or not) an authentication on GTFS requests.

The GTFS-RT response contains a Feed Message structure as described in the GTFS-RT reference.

Objective: Sprint 39


Public API documentations

All our SaaS products come with rich APIs:

  • provides API to retrieve real time data in all standards (SIRI, SIRI Lite and GTFS-RT)

  • Chouette SaaS and IBOO provide API to import new data (in GTFS, Neptune or NeTEx), update Stop Places and Lines from external referentials, retrieve published data or explore it in GrahQL

  • Chouette Convert provides its API to convert GTFS and NeTEx files

All these APIs will be documented and can be used directly in the well-known Postman API Client:

Objective: Sprint 40

Status Page

All our SaaS users must be able to follow our platforms' up-time via a dedicated status page.

All scheduled maintenances are published on this status page. In case of incidents on our platforms, incidents are described as they are resolved.

Users can subscribe by email or SMS in order to be notified.

Objective: Sprint 40