Sprint 48

All our products have been updated on Oct 16, 2020 with the releases associated to this Sprint 48.



Ignore GTFS Station without several stops

When the user exports a data set into a GTFS file, the option "Ignore stations with a single stop" allows to ignore all parent Stop Areas which have only a single Stop Area child.

Some GTFS consumers don’t support such GTFS Stations in the stops.txt while other formats don’t support a Quay with a parent Stop Place.

Performance improvement in DataSet creation

As result of the constant performance monitoring of our SaaS platforms (performed with the help of Datadog), we've identifying the needed improvements in Chouette algorithms.

In the performance improvements provided by this Sprint, the DataSet creation is reduced by several seconds. This change on a key operation improves others like imports or merges.

Technical upgrades

We’re constantly upgrading the technical stack used in Chouette. Our team is working to upgrade the Javascript stack used to provide a rich user interface, like the vehicle journey editor, maps, etc. To ensure our QA process and policies, the resulted improvements will be available … in the next sprint.


Multiple local credentials for Partners

The user can define a setting local_credentials to define several credentials supported by the Partner (with an array of string).

When several local credentials are defined in a Partner, a request with one of these credentials is associated with this Partner.

Two Partners can share the same local credential.

If the local_credential setting is used with local_credentials setting, all provided credentials are used.

Example 1 :

{ "slug": "test", "connectorTypes": [ "siri-stop-points-discovery-request-broadcaster", "siri-lines-discovery-request-broadcaster", "siri-stop-monitoring-request-broadcaster", "siri-estimated-timetable-request-broadcaster", ], "settings": { "local_credentials": ["secret1", "secret2"], "remote_objectid_kind": "internal" } }

Example 2 : with both local_credential and local_credentials settings

{ "slug": "test", "connectorTypes": [ "siri-stop-points-discovery-request-broadcaster", "siri-lines-discovery-request-broadcaster", "siri-stop-monitoring-request-broadcaster", "siri-estimated-timetable-request-broadcaster", ], "settings": { "local_credential": "secret", "local_credentials": ["secret1", "secret2"], "remote_objectid_kind": "internal" } }

Limit GTFS-RT Trip Update Feed to future Trip Updates

The Trip Updates returned by Ara in the GTFS-RT feeds only contains the Stop Visits in the future (more exactly the Stop Visits in the last 2 minutes and in the future).