Sprint 43

All our products have been updated on Jul 3, 2020 with the releases associated to the Sprint 43.



Manage TimeTable Periods

When the user edits a TimeTable, he can manage directly the period list. The period list can be displayed or hidden (hidden when the TimeTable editor is loaded).

The user can edit one of the periods in the list. When the change is submitted, the period is changed both in the viewer and the period list.

The user can delete one of the periods in the list. The period is removed both in the viewer and the period list.

When the user adds a period, the period list displays the new period (at the end of the list).

When the user zooms/selects a period in the list, the viewer switches to the first month of the period.

Selection period day types in Calendar templates

The user can select the day types associated to periods defined in template calendars:

When selected, these period day types are used by time tables created from this calendar template.

This feature is now available by default for all Chouette (and IBOO) users.

Improve Publication Summary

The user can define Chouette Publication to administrate how the data set managed by Chouette are published:

  • define format and options to create automatically one (or more) data file

  • the destinations to be used with this data file:

    • update a Chouette Publication API

    • send an email

    • send file to a remote server or a cloud storage

The user can display the publication details. This publication detail pages has been improved:

  • the flag attributes are displayed as true / false

  • the email destination attributes are now sum up


Security upgrades

Chouette dependencies are constantly analyzed to find and resolve possible security issues. These libraries have been updated in this new release :

  • rack to 2.2.3

Ruby 2.7 support

The Chouette code supports fully the latest version 2.7 of Ruby. Few changes were required to support minor technical changes in Ruby.

Chouette Convert

Convert Neptune file into GTFS

https://enroute.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PUBLIC/pages/539426886 now can read a https://enroute.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PUBLIC/pages/572358702 file and create a GTFS file with the data set.