Sprint 66

All our products have been updated on Nov 3, 2021 with the releases associated to this Sprint 66.



Duplicate a Journey Pattern

The user can duplicate a Journey Pattern:

The new Journey Pattern will be created with:

  • the same name and published name

  • the same Shape

  • the same Stop Points

  • the same distance and duration between these Stop Points

Export Routing Constraint Zones in NeTEx

Each Routing Constraint Zone defines in the Chouette dataset is exported as a RoutingConstraintZone NeTEx resource:

In the NeTEx file, the RoutingConstraintZone NeTEx resource should look like:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 <RoutingConstraintZone version="any" created="2014-12-29T03:12:51.0Z" changed="2016-08-05T10:08:59.0Z" id="chouette:RoutingContraintZone:8562b7db-13c7-4eba-b169-b70035ceb60d:LOC" > <Name>RoutingConstraintZone Example</Name> <members> <ScheduledStopPointRef ref="chouette:ScheduledStopPoint:a1012d22-3071-4c33-88d8-4ec45b1a65dc:LOC"/> <ScheduledStopPointRef ref="chouette:ScheduledStopPoint:ff8e8a08-12d0-40e5-aff0-dc1ea089acc9:LOC"/> </members> <ZoneUse>cannotBoardAndAlightInSameZone</ZoneUse> <lines> <LineRef ref="chouette:Line:aeee0047-4a54-47b2-955c-3e8156623092:LOC"/> </lines> </RoutingConstraintZone>

According to the selected NeTEx profile, the RoutingConstraintZone NeTEx resources are exported in various place into the NeTEx frames.


Search Exchanges

The user can search among all the exchanges historized by Ara SaaS APIs:

The user can search exchanges by specifying:

  • one or several associated Partners

  • the status (OK or Error)

  • the time period (after a given date/time, before a date/time, between two date/times)

  • the direction (Sent or Received)

  • the type of exchanges

  • the associated stop place identifier (as a free text)

  • the associated line identifier (as a free text)

  • the associated vehicle identifier (as a free text)

  • the associated subscription identifier (as a free text)

The Exchanges are displayed as a paginated list with:

  • the date/time of the exchange

  • the associated partner

  • the type

  • the direction

  • the status