Sprint 50

All our products have been updated on Nov 27, 2020 with the releases associated to this Sprint 50.




Generic NeTEx Export

We are proud to release the possibility to export in NeTEx. The user can use the new Generic NeTEx export to create a NeTEx file from a Chouette dataset.

The same Chouette NeTEx export supports several NeTEx profiles. For the moment, the user can select between none and european profiles.

According to the selected profile, the Generic NeTEx export :

  • creates a single XML file or a zip archive

  • organises the NeTEx resources in documents into the zip archive

  • structures automatically the NeTEx frames expected by the profile

  • supports the creation of very large XML files

According to the duration selected by the user, only the required NeTEx resources will be exported to represent vehicle journeys in the next N days.

This new feature is the start of several improvements in the management of NeTEx profiles.

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Display processing time on operations list

Processing time for operations like Import, Export, Merge and Aggregate are displayed inside each operation.

Now, the user can monitor processing time over time inside operation list too:

Control that the Vehicle Journey company is one of the Line companies

The user can define a Control which ensures that each Vehicle Journey (in the inspected data set) uses a Company associated to the Line (where the Vehicle Journey is defined).

When the Vehicle Journey has no Company defined, the Control ignores it. When the Line has no associated Company, the Vehicle Journeys associated to this Line are ignored.


A Line 1 has a primary company A and secondary companies B and C.

For Vehicle Journeys associated to this Line 1:

  • A Vehicle Journey with the Company A. B or C is valid for the Control.

  • A Vehicle Journey with the Company D isn’t valid for the Control.

  • A Vehicle Journey without Company is valid

Ignore flag_urgent option in import API when the permission isn’t present

When the Chouette Import API is invoked with the flag_urgent option on a Workbench which is not authorized to flag datasets as urgent, the option is now simply ignored. The associated import is started with this option.

As a reminder, the authorized user can restrict the Workbench permissions in the Workgroup administration interface.

Technical upgrades

We’re constantly upgrading the technical stack used in Chouette. The Chouette Javascript stack used to provide a rich user interface, like the vehicle journey editor, maps have been upgraded.