Notification center


A notification rule allows you to notify or to suppress notifications on destination of your collaborators and members of the Workbench for one or more operations in Chouette. You can manage your notification rules in Notification Center.

Consult the notification rules

The workbench administrator can set the notification rules via the "Settings" - "Notification Center" menu.

For each rule, Notification type, priority, rule type, operation statuses, period and associated line are displayed.

You can filter the rules by :

  • email

  • rule type

  • operation statuses

  • associated lines

  • start date

  • end date

Managing notification rules

To create a new rule, click on “Add notification rule” button at the top right of the page.

For each rule, you can configure several elements.

Notification type

You can decide which operation you want to notify among aggregation, import, merge, source retrieval, hole sentinel and publication.

Notification rule priority

This option allows you to prioritize your notification rules.

Notification rule type

You can choose whether the notification rule notifies or blocks notifications for a given operation.

Target type

You can define as recipients the members of your Workbench or external users by indicating their email address.


In the Conditions block, you define the conditions for the application of the notification rule.

You need to configure :

  • The start and end period of the rule application

  • The status of the operation to which the rule applies. You choose between “Success”, “Error” and “Warning”

  • Associated lines. Thus, the notification rule will only apply if the chosen operation contains the lines associated with the rule.

Notification rule examples:

  • I want to send a notification to an external user when the import of the "City" line fails.

  • I want to block merge notifications to a Workbench members for the period 2022-05-01 to 2022-09-01.

After validation, the notification rule is created and can be viewed or edited.

Automatic notification in case of an upcoming hole sentinel

The workgroup administrator can set two parameters concerning the analysis of the presence of offers:

  • number of consecutive days without an offer which characterizes an offer gap (hole sentinel)

  • period (sliding) that causes the sending of automatic notifications

This setting can be made in the section “Settins” - “Workgroup” - “Merge settings”.

The display of an offer's metadata shows the offer circulation data by marking in red the days when no offer is present on the line.

When a hole sentinel corresponding to the criteria of the Workgroup (duration, proximity) is detected in a finalized offer, a notification is sent to the users of the associated Workbench.

As soon as a hole sentinel reaches the configured duration and starts in fewer days than the notification period, a notification is triggered. It is submitted to the Workbench notification handler.

This analysis is carried out after the offer merge. It is launched automatically every day to recheck the current finalization offer.