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A data source is a URL set by the user as a retrieval point for data to be imported into Chouette.

Consult data sources

You can consult the list of data sources created by your organization in "Workbench > Data sources" :


For each data source name, URL used, Date of the last edition are displayed.


Creation of a data source

By clicking on the "Create a Data Source" button, you access the form for editing a new data source:


  • Direct: when the URL can be directly used to download the file

  • French NAP: when the URL refers to a data set on the National Open Access Point for Transportation Data page

  • FTP: when the file is on an FTP URL. If needed, the user can indicate the username and password in the URL: ftp://user:password@host/path/file

  • Authentication header: when the URL uses an HTTP authorization


For the latter, the user can provide the value of the authentication header:


Automatic Retrieval

The user can set retrieval options on his data source.

He can set a retrieval once per hour, daily with a set time, or disable automatic retrieval.


Import options

When data is retrieved from the source, an import is automatically launched. On this page, the user can set import options:


To learn more about the import options, see the page:Imports

Manual Retrieval

Once the data source is created, it is possible to launch a manual retrieval of the data. On the data source page, simply click on “Retrieve Now”. A retrieval will be launched independently of the automatic recovery options set.